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Destination - Pirate's Cove
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33.594830 Lat., -117.878142 Long.
This area has the distinction of being about the only place to climb that exists within the suburbian sprawl of Orange County. The climbs tend to be sandy, and because of the soft rock the problems are always evolving, but if you have a couple of hours and are close, it's worth it to check out. This area doesn't really have anything over V6 or V7 since the rock quality will have any small holds break off, but there are lots of problems in the VB to V2 range. The sand and moisture tend to stymie climbers that are not used to it. Crash pads are not really necessary as the sand is soft, with a few exceptions where protruding rocks might ruin an otherwise good fall. You might want to bring a car floormat, old piece of carpet or a towel to wipe the sand off of your shoes before starting each climb.
Park close to Corona Del Mar state beach and either walk down to the state beach parking and hike over the rocks or hike down the stairs of lookout point to the beach. Walk down the stairs, everything is visible from there.
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A Green Burrito
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Italian Falls
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Annabelle Cave
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Hinge Area
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Ironman Cave
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Big Jim's Cave
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The Loaf